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36th newsletter, "Our first decade"

‘Our First Decade’

The First Decade' is the name of an album by Ralph van Manen, and I put it on while writing this newsletter. Almost 2 years back in the Netherlands, after almost 6 years Cambodia, one year Middelburg and one year Bible school. 10 Years ago, in the summer of 2012, our 'missionary journey' started. What an adventure!

We want to testify of God's greatness and goodness throughout these years. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit back and relax. Not to find out how well we have done - that is disappointing - but how good our God is. Year after year, season after season.

Actually, of course, our journey started much earlier than that summer in 2012. God had already started His work of formation in both our lives long ago. He continued this when we became buddies and found each other in our hearts for God's mission, in the desire to follow the Lord Jesus and share Him with others. We were curious to see what that would look like for us together. Step by step He went with us, also in the spring of 2011, when we went together to Cambodia to visit friends.

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