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38th newsletter, "Summer greetings ☀️"

Summer greetings ☀️

The heat plan is in effect today here in Holland and I am sitting in the garden writing this newsletter. Pfoe, Cambodian temperatures. We are working towards the summer break. We need it.

A lot has happened. Many beautiful things. We are grateful and happy to take you with us.

Alongsiders is about walking together. Being each other's 'Alongsider' - in Jesus' name, because we want to show Him to the people around us. We ourselves also have a number of Alongsiders, people who walk with us. On a personal level, but also for Alongsiders as a movement. People with experience, people who have gone before us.

About three months ago, I was sitting on a terrace in Utrecht talking to someone like that and sharing, but the undertone was also a request for advice. We want to learn. As I took a small sip of coffee, I heard him say: "You know Mart-Jan, you have a great tool, but how do people find you? How do you pay attention to that?”

I knew he had a point. He continued, "Try to create pathways, where people can 'see' you, then get to ‘know’ you better, and then can get in and 'do' it. Those will be the people who 'care' for Alongsiders, and help build the movement.” That day I went back home with two super valuable points of interest (and action).