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39th newsletter, "Slowdown & reflect"

In "Alice in Wonderland", Alice stands at a t-junction and asks the cat, "Which road should I take?" To which the cat replies, "It depends where you want to go." Alice: "I don't really care". The cat: "Then it doesn't matter which road you take either”.

Standing still and reflecting. Sometimes this is necessary. Are you still doing the right things? Do you still have a clear vision of where you are heading? What is Jesus calling you to?

Just admit it - I haven't seen the movie "Alice in Wonderland" at all, but this quote has been in my head for several years. I heard it once in Cambodia, and it makes so much 'sense'. Do you recognise that sometimes you are so busy with the 'now' that you lose sight of the bigger picture? What was it all about again? Where were we heading again?

Last summer, as a family, we engaged with this issue. Honestly - Dutch life, and pace of life - got to us quite a lot. Together, we read the book 'The radical elimination of hurry', among others. Highly recommended. Just a question from the book: "Was Jesus ever in a hurry?" And where does hurry actually come from? At the same time, we read the newsletter of a fellow missionary.

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