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41th newsletter, "Ownership"

The value of 'ownership'

Someone once asked me the question, "Suppose you rent a car, do you wash it before you return it?" Ehhm, no I thought, the rental company does that for you, right?

"And your own car, do you wash it?" I remember my first car - a VW Beetle - of course I washed it! A regular thing on Saturday mornings. That's "ownership. Because something is yours you care for it, cherish it, love it. 

Last months I shared in several congregations from the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus chooses to invest 3 years in 12 disciples. It strikes me how quickly He sends them out! In Matthew 9 He instructs them to pray for workers, and in chapter 10 He sends them out Himself. In the process they learn what it means to follow Jesus and are changed into His image.

Just before Jesus returns to heaven, He speaks those familiar words, "Go ye therefore..." (Matthew 28) Go. And earlier, "As the Father has sent Me, so I also send you" (John 20). Jesus makes the disciples part - indeed co-owner - of His mission, of God's plan. Prayer plays an important role in this.

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