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42th Newsletter: Who are you following & who is following you?

One of the four key values within the Alongsiders movement is Mastery...

Mastery means "having the ability to work on a task, set goals, solve problems and achieve results." We live in a world that requires a certain level of mastery in exchange for money to live, and in that sense it is a basic need. Artists and poets, athletes and scholars and even children who climb trees seek mastery whether for reward or recognition or not.

The need for mastery is part of our humanity. We can trace this back to God's command to man in Genesis to positively have mastery over the - then perfect - creation.

But life in this broken world puts (young) people in situations that can destroy their dreams, and their capacity for mastery. Children on the margins often face obstacles in starting or completing their education and learning all kinds of skills. How can we walk alongside these children and young people?

In the life of the Lord Jesus, our Master, we see mastery in the way He interacts with, teaches and serves broken people in His daily life. Through Jesus' life, we learn the will of the Father and receive His wisdom to live, in connection with others, in a broken world.

We see Him active in large groups, like that time He fed 5,000 people, but also in small groups, as in His relationship with the twelve disciples.

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