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43th Newsletter: Shalom Valley is celebrating its 5th anniversary! 🎉

"Soom swakum bong" - warm welcome 'elder'. That's how the welcome sounded when we arrived in Cambodia. How good it was to meet again and see how the work continues and is a rich blessing.

Do you know the song in the picture? During our time at Shalom Valley, we sang it several times: You are awesome in this place, Mighty God! - Mighty God, You are awesome in this place! We saw it in the faces of those around us (and you can see it in the pictures). We heard that in the testimonies of the Alongsiders who came to camp. And we felt that as we walked around the grounds and saw God's beauty everywhere. "God - You are awesome!" How grateful we are that we could unexpectedly experience this and be part of moments of meeting, celebrating, remembering. It touches us to see how the teams have grown and how they care for each other and the work they are privileged to do. 

Shalom Valley is a special testimony to God's greatness. For every visitor, for family members of the team and for the place Kep. Five years ago we held the first camp on a not-yet-finished site with lots of mud and now, five years later, we look back and still see God's good hand over Shalom Valley. Over the place, the team, and the more than 11,000 youth and children who have attended! "You are awesome in this place..."

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