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44th Newsletter: A happy reunion in Cambodia & so many opportunities…

This smells like, feels like, tastes like ... We are at the airport in Phnom Penh and - wow - how good it is to be there again as a family! It is February 2024 and we have a great program ahead of us. Meeting friends, seeing Shalom Valley, witnessing, sharing, enjoying, encouraging, reflecting. It all feels so familiar….

We enjoy sharing another piece of our lives with you in this letter. We look back on the past period with much gratitude!

Ever since our return to the Netherlands - 4 years ago already - we had the desire to go back to Cambodia as a family. This was also recommended to us because it helps in the transition back to your homeland. 'Funny' fact: often returning to your home country is much more complicated than leaving it. So good to take that into consideration. And so this trip was on our prayer list. For a long time we were unable to fulfill it, but last February it was there! #ThankYouLord!

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